A Destination

I specialize in marketing for technology-based companies. For the past five years, I get excited

Word Hard, Play Hard... It's All Play
It feels as though I've been doing this for my whole life. 

In 5th grade I used to play "newspaper editor" clipping out articles for my front page, arranging comic strips for my "Life & Arts" section, and making room for ads because... obviously that's important. Junior high I worked as a library aid, organizing our school's books and making my favorite recommendations to students. In high school I enjoyed leadership roles on the Yearbook Staff and worked on creative ways to sell the book.

These stories are easy to explain when I say "It's not work, it's play." When it came time to find a job, it was crystal clear to me what I wanted.


I have led small marketing groups that consisted of up to 10 in-house and international team members from many specialized backgrounds including: graphic design, website design, videography, writing, animation, events and more. 


From large public relations firms like Burston-Marsteller, to fast growing software companies like Pardot (a Salesforce company), I serve as a key champion to implement and maintain expectations with vendors.


Born with a constant hunger for learning, I enjoy making new discoveries for in business, of people, and learning more about myself. I take the same approach with driving and the execution of projects.